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We offer a preventative maintenance and protection plan that liberates and protects you from the hassle, stress and high costs associated with the lack of proper maintenance. 

How much thought do you give to maintaining the smooth operation and efficiency of your HVAC system? How often do you check your freon levels or clean your condenser units? Most people don't give much thought to how well their system is working until something goes wrong leading to costly repairs or even worse, a complete replacement. 

Your HVAC is a complex system of systems. When one part is not working optimally, it can put a strain on the next part down the line and so on. When it goes on like this for months or years, expensive replacement is often the only solution. When replacement is the real solution but only a repair is done, the system may still cost you money in high energy consumption due to inefficiencies. 


Don't wait for an

expensive repair to strike! 

The Liberty Protect maintenance plan ensures you stay comfortable and ahead of any major unexpected cost. We keep your system working for you, catch systemic issues before they become serious, and, if something does go wrong, the money you’ve already invested to have the maintenance plan could double for you when you let us fix your system.

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Liberty Protect

$350 per year per system*

  1. A technician comes to your home twice a year to provide a thorough cleaning and complete, multi-point check on every part of your system with the goal of keeping the whole system working as efficient as possible.


2. You will receive a full report during each visit regarding the status of your system to alert you of any potential issues due to environmental conditions, aging parts, or other circumstances.

3. If there is anything wrong with your system while covered under Liberty Protect, the

first $350 in parts/equipment and first $350 of labor
is covered at no extra cost. 

**The number of condenser units determines the number of systems for purposes of this maintenance plan.**

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