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Currently, Liberty is honoring our community heroes by offering special pricing to the veterans & education professionals of DFW on HVAC services. 


Medical Professionals, 

We are grateful that you continue to go to work every day to help others' health during the COVID19 quarantine.


We know that freedom isn't free & we want to thank you for sacrificing years

of your life to ensure our freedoms. 

Education professionals,

We want to thank anyone that works for a school district, a college, or a university in the DFW area for all you do to make our communities and our society better through your efforts, expertise, professionalism, & love for our young people! 

Liberty Perks Pricing



1) Call 469-678-9444 to schedule the services you need

2) During the scheduling call, tell our representative that you are a veteran, educational profession or medical professional

3) You will be presented with both the regular cost for your services and the

Liberty Perks pricing

4) Upon completion of the services, payment will be made. You are required to show your employee I.D. (issued from your employer) to qualify and be given the Liberty Perks pricing at the time of payment. No exceptions are allowed

(We are happy to offer these Perks to education professionals, regardless of your role!)


*Liberty Air & Heat LLC reserves the right to decline Liberty Perks pricing to any customer.


 Parts and Equipment: 10% discount


 $79 for two seasonal tune-ups in one year

Maintenance Plan

Liberty Protect* $300 per system

*The Liberty Protect Plan puts your system in our care for a full year. We maintain the system according to strict industry standards making sure it is operating at its peak possible efficiency. This includes multiple visits per year as well as filter changes. If any work (outside of maintenance) is required during the year under the Liberty Protect Plan, the customer is credited for up to $350 in labor as well as up to $350 in parts and equipment.

System Replacement

10% discount on the total cost of removal of

the old system and installation of the new system